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Most of us are confronted with immigration problems both while in the US and outside the US. If you feel that your immigration problems were manifold at the borders than while in the US, think again. Here is why.

Lets start with those lucky ones who have got their green card through marriages. Not many are aware that there are underlying conditions attached with green cards obtained through marriage. If a green card has a two year expiration date it implies that the applicant is on a conditional permanent residence status. To remove the conditions attached with the green card, the applicant needs to file the the form I-751. The form I-751 must be filed during the 90 days immediately before the card is due to expire. In most instances this form is filed jointly by both the husband and wife to show the USCIS that they are together. However if this form is not filed on time there is an underlying risk of loosing his/her immigrant status and to compound to their immigration woes, his/her stay in the US will be termed as illegal.

Most of us are vary of the fact that green card plays a pivotal role in our daily life. The possession of a green card allows us to work, live and study in the USA without any problems. But the absence of one would leave us stranded in an immigration outpost or while renewing a drivers license. There have been many an instances were people have been stopped by immigration officials for not possessing a valid green card. So think again whenever you embark on a trip. Ask yourself the question, Am I traveling with a valid card?

There has been a steady influx of immigrants to the US over the years. These immigrants are in the US with varied visas. Per law, these immigrants are required to notify the USCIS of their change of address through the form AR-11 within 10 days. Post 9/11 USCIS has made it mandatory that all immigrants with the exception of US citizens should notify them within 10 days of them moving to the US their address and a change of address if any with the form AR-11. Failure to comply with this immigration INS rule would lead to harsh penalty which also includes imprisonment or removal from the US.

Individuals and employers are also confronted with serious problems arising out of the complexity of the immigration process. Though the Immigration and Nationality Act is the principal statute that governs the immigration laws in the US, there are myriad other laws, regulations, procedures and policies that would play a great part in the manner in which a foreign national may enter the United States, while seeking temporary status, green card or for that matter his US Citizenship too. Many of these immigration problems stem from the complexity and opaque nature of the immigration rules and the various agencies administering them.

Applicants filing with the USCIS continue to face lengthy and costly processes which adversely impacts their immigration prospects.
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Us Immigration Problems

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This article was published on 2010/11/23