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United States of America is a country which is having multi culture and also people from the various parts of the world. Information on USA immigration can be found on internet from the various sources and websites. But the major point is common in all these websites is they do not provide complete information. These web-pages provide information but they are not updating the information on daily basis.

USA immigration is one of the largest searchable keyword over the internet. People love to go there and settle over there due to the environmental factors and other factors such as lot of opportunities and the amenities of the life to live a wonderful and joyful life. People especially from India like to go there on permanent basis so that they can set up a wonderful life for
themselves and for their upcoming generations.
People look for Immigration to USA as the immigration process is only the process which enables the people to go there on permanent basis. Immigration process is a long process but it enables a person to get Permanent residency for the United States of America. Permanent Residency offers by United States are very much good and full of facilities such as medical
facilities, insurance and so on.
Earlier this month, the Federal Court heard arguments in a number of joined cases against the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration in relation to the government’s plan to terminate almost 98,000 Skilled Worker permanent resident applications. Including dependents, some 280,000 people will be affected by the court’s decision. The lawyers who appeared before Justice Rennie on behalf of the applicants were my co-counsel Mario Bellissimo as well as Lorne Waldman, Rocco Galati, Matthew Jeffery and Lawrence Wong. I commend all of them for their demeanor and persuasive presentations. Each lawyer of Canada Immigration attacked the government’s position on separate grounds but with the common goal of striking down the legislation that permits the Immigration Minister to toss out the applications before assessing them. Bear in mind that some applicants have been waiting in line for more than seven years. 
It is submitted that the manner in which Citizenship and Immigration to Canada (CIC) processes applications for permanent residence leads to discrimination on the basis of an applicant’s national origin, an enumerated ground under subsection 15 (I) of the Charter. This is so because applicants may only submit their application to specified visa offices for processing, depending upon either their country of legal residence or their country of citizenship. Processing times at different visa offices vary greatly and as a result an individual’s national origin will determine the rate at which his or her application is processed. CIC prioritizes certain visa offices – and thus certain nationalities – over others and therefore termination of applications at this stage will disproportionately affect those applicants who submitted to visa offices not prioritized by CIC. Consequently, it is argued that subsection 87.4 (I) is contrary to the Charter and should be struck down as having no force or effect.


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Information on USA immigration

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This article was published on 2013/02/21