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The term "Immigration Law" is a very broad one since it deals with a number of concerns such as visas, citizenship, marriages, adoptions, deportations and green cards. People tagged as "immigrants" would normally include people who either trying to get a green card or would like to come to the US in order to study, tour, or work. There are different visa applications and each one of them has a special and separate set of rules, regulations, guidelines and process or course of action. Because of this, travellers could often get confused over the different criteria. This is where the expertise of an immigration lawyer comes in handy.

Countries issue visas for different purposes. There are visas for tourists, for students, and for those who would like to work. According to the US Immigration and Nationality Act, a minimum of 140, 000 employment-related immigrant visas are currently available. These are divided into 5 categories or preferences. There is also a separate visa available for those who are related to a US citizen either by affinity or consanguinity. At the same time for US citizens who are looking forward to adopt a kid who is not a US citizen the rules for the immigration visa is different. Equipped with different sets of rules, it is really not a short or easy process. If you fall under the category of tourists, there is again a change in rules. B-2 visas are generally preferred if you are just going for temporary visits or for visits on medical grounds. Students are not generally given B-2 visas, unless they are going to attend a very short course. If the stay is well within the period of 6 months, then B-2 visas will be easily granted.

Because of the complexity of the immigration laws as well as the visa application process, you would need to seek the help of an immigration lawyer. Finding one is actually very easy as there are a number of online sites that offer such services. You can also seek for referrals from your relatives and friends. You would, however, need to check whether the lawyer's expertise is the same as what you have in mind. Remember, an immigration lawyer's expertise can lie in amnesty law, visa application, citizenship, etc.

It is also a good idea to conduct a background check and search for any credential that he might have. One good credential is membership with the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA). It would also be a good idea to have a one-on-one interview with the lawyer you have in mind before getting their services. Do not be afraid to ask questions pertaining to the strategy and mode of payment. Check if you have a rapport with your lawyer as this would make it easier for both of you to discuss details of the case.

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Immigration Law - Finding a Good Lawyer

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This article was published on 2010/03/30