Border Governors ask for focus on US Immigration Reform

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Recently, the U.S and Mexican border governors convened to discuss on the reform of U.S. immigration policies. During the meeting, Bill Richardson, the New Mexico governor, expressed his opinions stating that Congress cannot be expected to work on the US immigration reform until after the general election, which is to be held in November.

The border governors' meeting was intended to be held in Phoenix previously, which was then cancelled by Jan Brewer, Arizona governor. The event was cancelled due to the Mexican governors' planned boycott over the controversial Arizona immigration law. Seven governors participated in the border governors meeting of which Richardson was the only governor from the United States, while the other governors were from six different Mexican states.

The border governors issued a joint statement on the U.S. immigration policies. They stated that the basic premise of respecting the rights and dignity of individuals calls for a complete immigration reform. They also mentioned that there is no coordination or exchange of information between the U.S. and Mexican federal governments and they convened to improvise the border crossings.

Richard expressed hope that Congress would lay the foundation for the US immigration reform after the November general election. He further added that the much required immigration reform will hopefully top the priorities of Congress in the coming year.

Richardson mentioned at a press conference that the US immigration reform should be an over-all effort and not restricted to the partisans. He also stated that the immigration reform should have a tougher impact on those companies who brought illegal immigrants into the United States to work for them. He ended saying, those illegal immigrants who learn or know English and pay the back taxes properly should be legalized through the new U.S. immigration policies.

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Border Governors ask for focus on US Immigration Reform

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This article was published on 2010/10/25